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All-encompassing Knowledge on Phenazepam for Your Assistance

This renowned benzodiazepine drug has been used mostly for the treatment of neurological disorders in human beings. The complications associated with neurological disorders have been epilepsy that often results in falling, syndrome related to alcohol withdrawal from the body and insomnia. It could also be used prior to various surgical procedures, as it enhances the functioning of anaesthetics. It would interact with the body system in order to reduce anxiety. A majority of reported cases have highlighted misuse of this renowned drug in several nations where most people would use Phenazepam as a recreational drug.

Recommended dosage of phenazepam

The recommended dosage has been 0.5mg, which should be given two to three times in a day. At times, variations would occur, but the maximum daily dosage should be exceeded than 10mg.

Precautions while using phenazepam

When using phenazepam, you should avoid consumption of alcohol. The drug should not be taken during pregnancy. However, you should take a lot of care when using it on children and elderly people. Prior to giving the drug to children and elderly people, a thorough medical analysis should be done to determine whether their bodies have adequate strength to interact with this compound.

It should be borne in mind that the drug should not be used for desired therapeutic effects for more than one month. However, in plenty of situations, the person may require to continue this medicine.

Furthermore, the drug should not be given to a person who suffers from morbid psychiatric problems. It should also not be used for people who have been dependent on drug or alcohol. These precautions should be taken seriously prior to making use of the drug.

Various associated side effects

A majority of side effects have been well noticed in high doses. The various commonly associated side effects upon the usage of this popular drug have been recurring hiccups, dizziness, impaired coordination and drowsiness. When the user discontinues this drug along with other drugs in this category, the user might suffer through anxiety, restlessness and seizures. However, in severe cases, it might lead to convulsions and ultimately death of the patient or its user.

Detection of drug in body fluids

The best method to confirm the presence of phenazepam in the blood of the user would be with chromatographic techniques. This has become an imperative part when you would like to assess the prescribed amount of this drug in circulation during a given therapeutic period.

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